‘Read my Buddy‘ (RmB) is a collaborative reading programme aimed at transforming moderate readers into fervent readers and helping them to become better learners, through mentoring by peers and teachers.


  1. To transform moderate readers into fervent readers through a guided and collaborative reading approach.
  2. To understand and assess the reading habit and skills of a student through creating a Reading profile.
  3. To find and apply strategies to improve the reading and learning skills of a moderate reader who also may be a slow learner.
  4. To provide personalized learning support to all participants by seamlessly giving access to required information resources available in and outside the library.
  5. To collaborate with teachers for mentoring the participants and make them perform better in scholastic and non-scholastic areas.
  6. To promote collaborative learning in a library oriented learning environment.
  7. To make reading an enjoyable and lifelong activity by connecting two likeminded people.


Team:  Reading Buddies: 25 pairs (50 students)

Teacher Mentors: 10 Teachers

Team Leader: Mr S. Ajayakumar, Principal

Coordinator: Mr S. L. Faisal, Librarian

Time frame: July-December

Project Blog: https://readmybuddy.wordpress.com

Project Planning






Stage I


  1. Online registration for the reading companion programme, ‘Read my Buddy’ will start on 1st July 2016. Any student can submit a nomination for a team comprising of two members (Buddy 1 & 2), of which one must be a moderate reader. Being a pilot project, the membership is limited to 25 pairs only. Final selection from the nominations received will be done by the language/subject teachers and the RmB Team.
  2. A meeting of the team members will be conducted to give awareness and orientation.
  3. Details of the participants will be recorded and displayed on the project Blog with photographs.
  4. Each participant will be honoured with a RmB badge.


Stage 2


  1. A reading and learning skill assessment form is given to all Reading Buddies to collect data for creating the Reading Profile.
  2. The scholastic and non-scholastic scores of all second buddies will be assessed.
  3. The language/subject teachers of the Second Buddies will be consulted to understand the nature of his/her reading/learning difficulties and identifying specific difficult areas.
  4. A meeting of the Team RmB with all first buddies will be convened to device the strategies to improve the reading and learning skills of all second buddies.
  5. The strategies to be implemented will be discussed with the first buddies at a personal level. An action plan for each pair will be prepared.


Stage 3


  1. The personalized action plans with activities will be implemented in collaboration with the Teacher Mentors.
  2. Reading list for each Second Buddy will be prepared.
  3. A Reading Chart will be prepared to record the activities undertaken.
  4. The library resources will be open to the buddies at their convenience.
  5. The participants shall share their experience (Buddy Stories) on the project blog.


Stage 4


  1. The progress of the programme will be assessed after three months (October) by the RmB Team and changes if necessary will be incorporated.
  2. A survey will be conducted among the Buddies to assess the impact of the project.
  3. Pre & Post project Academic scoring will be compared and evaluated.
  4. The findings will be published on the project blog.


Stage 5


  1. Best performed Buddy pairs will be honoured with certificates and prizes.


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